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Building A SavorHood Community




Each SavorHood is made up of a collection of shipping containers that have been converted into custom units that provide a unique flavor experience. By using shipping containers, we are creating an environmentally sound concept based on recycling and repurposing.  A wide variety of configurations are possible depending on the lot size and layout. Each SavorHood will have a Tilford’s Wood Fired Pizza as one of the anchor units.  Another anchor unit will be a local or regional craft beer brewer.  The other shipping container spaces will be home to “Savor-Full” fast-casual eateries and locally known vendors that specialize in such culinary treats as ice-cream, burgers, sandwiches, coffee, fries, pastries, and other local fare.

At the center of every SavorHood is a spacious open seating area, a stage for music, parties and performances. This space provides more than just a fabulous dining experience—it offers a place where family and friends can meet and connect in a community atmosphere while enjoying great food and drinks.

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